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When Your Auto Insurance Assigns You a Repair Shop

Auto insurance will pay to get your car repaired – but what if they require you to take your car to one of the shops they select?  Which one do you choose? Your car is precious, so how do you know which choice is the right one? Here are some tips.

Insurance for cars and repair shops

You have suffered a loss and it’s time to take your car to one of the accredited insurance company selected repair shops. Questions begin to haunt you –  Is it okay to leave your car in unfamiliar workshops? This isn’t easy for anyone. But don’t worry – you can follow some expert-provided tips to avoid problems.

The car insurance company has a list of shops where you live that can take your car. Experts recommend visiting the shops to take a look at how they operate and to ask any questions you may need to relieve your doubts. You can also ask people you know if they have any experience with these shops so you can choose the best.

The situation is different if you can’t choose your shop personally and have your vehicle towed to a shop of the insurance company’s choice.  Although the insurer usually reassures customers about repairs and tells you they only work with serious, accredited shops, the truth is that being vigilant can save you some trouble down the road.

When the Insurance Chooses Your Repair Shop

To be well prepared and avoid any inconvenience, it’s good to know some of the equipment and techniques used by shops when repairing your damaged car.

Rather than using oxygen acetylene welding, something old which gives the appearance of corrosion, it’s best if your shop works with a spot welder. To spot welding quality take a look and see if there’s stain left on the car’s body. If the stain is large like an open hand, it’s acetylene. If it’s a small stain, no need to argue.

If there are puddles on the surface sanding, it’s time to go out and find another shop as suggested by the auto insurance. The right thing is dry sanding, because the work is faster and the risk of corrosion and bubbles in the paint is lower.

If there is a paint booth in the shop suggested by the auto insurance it’s a good sign. A closed room means the vehicle is painted without any contact with the dust found in the workshop area. A dedicated room is expensive and not all shops can afford one, but if you see one you’ll know the work quality is much higher.

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