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Car insurance is something essential when driving on streets and roads, but not all drivers understand this. Unfortunately, some do not see it that way and more believe it’s inconvenient to have a policy.

A positive change in car insurance

Years ago, having car insurance was seen as a luxury that could only be afforded by some. But nowadays the thinking has changed, fortunately, and most understand that having a policy is a must for all drivers.

This is why car insurance costs have decreased, becoming more accessible to all budgets. Also, a lot of insurance companies guarantee a wide range of offers to suit every budget.

Perhaps you are wondering: what are the advantages of having car insurance? Well, the first and most important advantage is the peace of mind as a driver. Insurance will cover the expenses you incur if you suffer any accident, whether for medical expenses or repairs on the vehicle.

Another advantage of having car insurance is that you also have liability coverage, including insurance for passengers in the same vehicle just in case you’re responsible for the reimbursement of expenses incurred for any injury or death caused to others. What a relief, right?

However, the biggest obstacle that drivers face with regard to car insurance is the cost of the policies. Contrary to what many people think, insurance can be cheap and accessible to everyone if you know where to go. Just find a plan that suits your needs and budget. The best way to get a policy of this kind is looking at various companies in the market. And to save time as well as money, you have the option of performing a quick search through online databases populated by insurance aggregate companies on their websites. This way you can compare the best deals on the market without leaving your home.

Car insurance: how to choose with so many options available

Perhaps many options confuse you and you wonder what the best insurance might be. Unfortunately, the answer to this question does not exist. The best car insurance is one with good coverage and assistance that  as an owner, meets your particular needs.

Insurance companies offer different coverage and services for various types of vehicles and drivers. So the characteristics of the best car insurance are determined by the insured person after comparing several options on the market. The problem is that when a user is faced with so many choices and offers in various places, he or she is not always able to choose the best alternative. This is why you should seek out a pro insurance agent, based on his or her experience, that can advise you and provide answers to the many questions that arise.

Auto insurance will pay to get your car repaired – but what if they require you to take your car to one of the shops they select?  Which one do you choose? Your car is precious, so how do you know which choice is the right one? Here are some tips.

Insurance for cars and repair shops

You have suffered a loss and it’s time to take your car to one of the accredited insurance company selected repair shops. Questions begin to haunt you –  Is it okay to leave your car in unfamiliar workshops? This isn’t easy for anyone. But don’t worry – you can follow some expert-provided tips to avoid problems.

The car insurance company has a list of shops where you live that can take your car. Experts recommend visiting the shops to take a look at how they operate and to ask any questions you may need to relieve your doubts. You can also ask people you know if they have any experience with these shops so you can choose the best.

The situation is different if you can’t choose your shop personally and have your vehicle towed to a shop of the insurance company’s choice.  Although the insurer usually reassures customers about repairs and tells you they only work with serious, accredited shops, the truth is that being vigilant can save you some trouble down the road.

When the Insurance Chooses Your Repair Shop

To be well prepared and avoid any inconvenience, it’s good to know some of the equipment and techniques used by shops when repairing your damaged car.

Rather than using oxygen acetylene welding, something old which gives the appearance of corrosion, it’s best if your shop works with a spot welder. To spot welding quality take a look and see if there’s stain left on the car’s body. If the stain is large like an open hand, it’s acetylene. If it’s a small stain, no need to argue.

If there are puddles on the surface sanding, it’s time to go out and find another shop as suggested by the auto insurance. The right thing is dry sanding, because the work is faster and the risk of corrosion and bubbles in the paint is lower.

If there is a paint booth in the shop suggested by the auto insurance it’s a good sign. A closed room means the vehicle is painted without any contact with the dust found in the workshop area. A dedicated room is expensive and not all shops can afford one, but if you see one you’ll know the work quality is much higher.

Some of the most common questions as it pertains to obtaining car insurance have simple and straightforward answers. We will start with the five most frequently asked questions.

1. Do I really need car insurance?

Yes not only is it the law and a requisite for owning, renting or leasing a vehicle, but it is also a way to protect yourself from the financial implications of unforeseen situations or accidents that could really cost a fortune.

2. Can I get away with canceling my car insurance?

No. As soon as you stop payment, the insurer will automatically send a cancellation of coverage letter to the company leasing you the car or other parties involved. Additionally, if you get pulled over and do not have insurance, there will not only be legal fines involved, but the consequences can also be severe.

3. Do I have to answer all of the questions including my marital status and age?

Yes, you must answer all questions accurately and truthfully. Failure to do so, or giving false information results in what is called material misrepresentation and implicates penalties and possible jail time. The reason for this is that the information you give to the car insurance company is what they use to give you a rate. They could decide to cancel or not renew you, hold you accountable for retroactive payments on the new rate based on the information disclosed and/or take more drastic legal measure. This is why it is important to always provide the most accurate and truthful information.

4. Is it possible to compare rates before buying or leasing a car?

Yes. It is not only possible, but also recommended. If price is a main factor for you, it is wise that you can choose a car with a lower rate by researching quotes for that type of automobile first.

5. Why is car insurance more expensive in some areas, cities and states than in others?

It is all relative to risk. Geographical location is important because the chances of getting into an accident in a highly populated area with lots of traffic is much greater than in an area with much less residents and traffic.

Obtaining car insurance is not only a legal requirement to purchase or lease a vehicle, but also a safety measure for you and your family.  While obtaining the best quote may involve ample time and research, the end definitely justifies that time. It is important that you understand the terms of coverage because you certainly do not want to compromise price for coverage. For this reason, information and education is key when it comes to getting affordable automobile insurance.

Although you may not realize it, one of the long-term benefits of having car insurance is actually financial security. A reasonable payment each month, will rule out an astronomical payment one day, which may imply bankruptcy. Without proper automobile insurance coverage, you can be accountable for the cost of your vehicle and/or someone else’s vehicle in the case of an accident, significant losses from theft and vandalism, and the fines and penalties associated with not having car insurance by the state.

So what are some of the things that car insurance companies look at when analyzing a quote and attaching a price tag to it? Here they are:

Age and sex of the driver – usually women are considered to be safer drivers than males, and in general people under 25 years of age are more likely to get into an accident than those above age 25.

Make, year and cost of the vehicle – the condition and type of vehicle are very important in determining the reliability of the car. The safer the automobile, the lower the risk. As for price, a cheaper vehicle will typically cost less to insure than a top of the line luxury vehicle.

Driving Record – moving violations and speeding tickets imply a greater risk of getting into an accident.

There are many other factors that automobile insurance companies look at including your credit score, marital status, occupation and education. However, the one common denominator is the level of risk. The rule of thumb is the higher the risk, the higher the car insurance premium can be.