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What are the common questions people ask when investigating car insurance?

Some of the most common questions as it pertains to obtaining car insurance have simple and straightforward answers. We will start with the five most frequently asked questions.

1. Do I really need car insurance?

Yes not only is it the law and a requisite for owning, renting or leasing a vehicle, but it is also a way to protect yourself from the financial implications of unforeseen situations or accidents that could really cost a fortune.

2. Can I get away with canceling my car insurance?

No. As soon as you stop payment, the insurer will automatically send a cancellation of coverage letter to the company leasing you the car or other parties involved. Additionally, if you get pulled over and do not have insurance, there will not only be legal fines involved, but the consequences can also be severe.

3. Do I have to answer all of the questions including my marital status and age?

Yes, you must answer all questions accurately and truthfully. Failure to do so, or giving false information results in what is called material misrepresentation and implicates penalties and possible jail time. The reason for this is that the information you give to the car insurance company is what they use to give you a rate. They could decide to cancel or not renew you, hold you accountable for retroactive payments on the new rate based on the information disclosed and/or take more drastic legal measure. This is why it is important to always provide the most accurate and truthful information.

4. Is it possible to compare rates before buying or leasing a car?

Yes. It is not only possible, but also recommended. If price is a main factor for you, it is wise that you can choose a car with a lower rate by researching quotes for that type of automobile first.

5. Why is car insurance more expensive in some areas, cities and states than in others?

It is all relative to risk. Geographical location is important because the chances of getting into an accident in a highly populated area with lots of traffic is much greater than in an area with much less residents and traffic.

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