At we have talked about the various additional car insurance coverage options available to you. Some of them are roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, electronic equipment/sound system coverage, and the one you’re going to learn about right here: mechanical failure coverage.

The mechanical failure coverage is very simple and clear to explain. This auto insurance coverage option pays for repairs made to all the mechanical pieces of your vehicle, so you can always have support and protection against expensive repairs and unforeseen events.

Better safe than sorry …
This well-known idiom has a lot to do with our work at We give you access to the auto and home insurance you need, but we allow YOU to be the one to make the ultimate decision. You determine what coverage you think is best, examine the quotes and choose the ideal option for you and your family.

The mechanical failure insurance coverage is perfect for people who recently bought a new car or for those who drive a leased car. In both cases the drivers are offered a warranty, but once the warranty expires, this optional insurance coverage is the next best tool to cover the repair expenses of any mechanical part of the car.

As it is always with insurance coverage, the terms and conditions of the mechanical failure coverage may change by car insurance company. Generally speaking, the mechanical failure coverage pays for all repairs that aren’t related with maintenance or wear and tear of the car. This is why, like we said before, this type of coverage is highly recommended for those with new or lease autos.

If at this point you’re thinking you don’t want to add this coverage to your auto insurance policy, as yourself this question: if you already added comprehensive and collision coverage, why not increase the level of safety and get additional coverage for possible mechanical failures?

Remember, it’s always better to have protection at all times, for all the things that could happen in and out of the road. Peace of mind is absolutely priceless. Just click here to get car insurance quotes and make the best decision for you.